Visitation and Custody When Parent moved out of State

Good evening,

My son’s wife up and left with no notice after she was held for a domestic violence charge against him. She moved to Texas we found out and is now refusing to let him have access to the child or accept the child support he sets aside. He’s a marine and is scheduled to be shipped off to Japan in March, 4 month shy of the 12 month separation requirement. What should we do first? He wants to see his child, support him and allow him to see us (his other side of the family).

Thank you.

You need to file a complaint for child custody. Or, you can file a complaint for emergency custody based on her removal of the child to another state. Temporary emergency custody orders may be entered in order to provide continuing stability in a deteriorating situation, to preserve the status quo, to prevent a child’s removal from the jurisdiction, to return the child to an appropriate custodian, and/or to protect the child from harm, neglect or abuse.