Visitation during separation

Dear nextex:

Greetings. Neither party is “responsible” for drafting a separation agreement, parenting agreement (which you called a visitation agreement), or any other document dealing with the separation of the parties. Instead, people who want their rights defined and the custody schedule on paper have the agreement drafted. Generally, both parties pay their own fees in drafting agreements.

Yes, I believe it is unwise not to have an agreement between hyou and your ex, since you NEVER know what may happen and when you will need your rights defined.

Yes, leaving the marital residence without a separation agreement or a non-abandonment agreement is abandonment. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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I have not filed for a legal separation but my spouse and I maintain separate residences and this will end in divorce. Who is responsible for drawing up a visitation agreement? I am the custodial parent in the marital residence and nothing indicates that will change. Is it unwise not to have a visitation agreement during the period of separation?

One more question: if a spouse leaves without drawing up a legal separation is that abandonment?

Thank you.