Visitation rights for disabled Adults and Parents

My previous spouse (childs legal Guardian and paid care giver) along with her attorney (Michael Romano) divised a plan to ensure I would not have visitation with my Autistic daughter by using the reason “As an adult (she’s 25) she can decide or not to visit me (her biological Dad).” This started almost going on over 3 years now after determining that my ex had moved someone in to her home. My Daughter always is truthful and when asked spilled the beans (co habitation) as I suspected. Since paying alimony that did everything they could to protect the payments keep coming and per their attorney ( Michael Romano) said she no longer wants to visit if she wants cause she’s an adult and can make that decision. Obviously now in over 3 years she has never stated to her Mom that she wants to visit me per her Mom.

  After an exhausting and costly court battle for court ordered visitation with my now (Normal) 14 year old... I am ready and eager to pursue this unjust violation of my Autistic daughter''s rights as well as mine.  Not sure where or how to start.  I feel really stupid that I granted her Guardianship years ago not ever thinking this would be something that she could use against me since she was the parent that my daughter would live with mostly.  We never had issues until her new boyfriend moved in (3 years divorced no problems and a total of 6.5 years now)

Can someone please direct or advise of what and where my next steps should be?


It sounds like you need a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss your case, review the court order, and determine how you should go about modifying your child custody order.