Good afternoon,
I have 3 children that are all over the age of 11, in the past year they have started asking me do they still have to go to their fathers house. There have been things that has went on at his house that I don’t agree with and the children have gotten tired of the drama that happens over there. I told them over the many years they still need to visit with their father and have a relationship with him and if the day came they didn’t want to visit him they needed to tell him and be honest with him. I have been told with their age that if they refuse to go over then there’s nothing the father can do to me. (we’ve had a nasty nasty child custody case when the children were younger) I was wondering if anyone had any advise on how to handle this or do I need to go back to court. Thanks for any advice.


You do need to make your children available for visitation with their father. If they quit going to see him, their father can file a motion for contempt and accuse you of preventing the court ordered visitations. The best way to remedy this situation is to file a motion to modify custody. The older the child is, the more the judge will consider a child’s preference.