Voluntary PSS and Alimony

My ex and I cannot come to an agreement, during mediation the of money requested from the other party was so exorbitant that I cannot pay. It seems now we are going to trial. In the meantime she has been staying in the martial home and I have kept providing health insurance, and kept paying the house so she can stay there. Can that count as time served?

She wants to move out now, and the court date is far away. Should I deposit money voluntarily into her account in the interim? I don’t want the judge to throw the book at me.

It was a short marriage and she wants everything and the kitchen sink.

Please help.

You should keep track of any payments you make directly to her or indirectly on her behalf. When the court enters an award for alimony, the judge should take into consideration payments already made when determining how much past support is due.