Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

A friend is having a really problem with her ex. He recently found out that he will have to pay a decent amount according to his income in child support. She has a beaten down 24 year old vehicle, another child to support and this baby. He has a brand new vehicle and double her income. Now he is threatening to voluntarily terminate his rights to avoid paying what NC guidelines say he’ll have to. He swears he can do this “and no judge can stop him” end quote.

Can he do this and can you lead me to case law and/or statues that show differently.

BTW he states his attorney is advising him to do so to avoid child support. Is that ethical?

now it’s he’s been recording conversations and he has her blowing up on him and yelling and cussing so now he’s going to take custody.

Is there anything she can do to stop this harrassment? This is really becoming dangerous to her health and the health of this unborn child. She has changed her phone number, and he still goes through email and messenger services. All his threats are archived on a messenger service so she doesn’t want to delete it. And when that doesn’t work he makes suprise visits to her home.
The guy has 2 other children that the mothers’ disappeared with the kids and he never supported. She’s considering doing the same as they did and supporting the child on her own.

This is a mess!

A parent cannot voluntarily relinquish parental rights in order to avoid a support obligation. I suggest your friend continue to keep records of his behavior and contact the police to file a harassment report.