Waiver of Further Notice - details needed

I’m looking for clarification on an earlier post. In regards to the Waiver of Further Notice, the Defendant needs to file an answer, admitting to all allegations in the complaint, and includes a separate waiver, correct? Is the waiver an actual form? Or is it just a piece of paper that says “Waiver of Further Notice: I, Joe Schmoe, Defendant, do not need the 30 day notice before the Plaintiff, Jane Schmoe, calendars the divorce hearing.”? Does it need to be notarized? Do both the answer and waiver go to the clerk’s office in the County that the complaint was filed in? Does the Defendant have to be the one to bring the answer to the clerk or could he give to me to do it? Am I able to calendar the hearing the same day that the answer and waiver have been received by the clerk’s office? Please give all necessary details - I am a DIY-er and want to be sure that everything is done exactly as it needs to be to avoid any problems or delays. Thank you!!

If the defendant wants to file an answer and notice of waiver, he should seek the answer himself. By you providing him with advice or a form or directions on how to file the form, you are practicing law, which is unauthorized without a license.