Want her to come clean

My wife cheated on me and I have strong evidence. She states that the marriage was over for a long time. Which I can accept, however, I remained faithful even while we were separated because I felt obiligated to my marriage and I thought things were NOT great but they could be worked out. So I say to wife I’m NOT angry and I can take it that you want to move on, however, for me to have closure I need to know the details and how long. Even with who. It wouldn’t make me bitter but it would help me heal.

The only response I can get out of my wife is “IT WAS JUST SEX”. Of course to me it is more than just sex. And I tried repeadetly to explain to my wife how it hurts in NOT knowing. The more I don’t know the more drastic things I could do (NO VIOLENCE OF COURSE). But again my wife keeps deflecting the questions.

So being that my wife is such a tough cookie in never coming clean, will I be forced to file for divorce and request her to come clean in discovery proceedings?

And will she? Can she be forced to?

I’m not really sure your question. There really isn’t discovery in an action for divorce. They only issue of contention in an action for divorce is whether you were separated a year and a day before you file.