Were we Married?


You said that your wife left on that day did you mean that you got divorced on that day?

If you mean divorced then yes the law will stay your married, if you didnt mean divorce and that she just LEFT that day then you can be in some trouble[:0]


No the Divorce was the Day before I got Married again.Divorce was on July 6, 2000 and i got married to my wife now on july 7, 2000.


You’re really married.


I made a key stroke error. I ment in 1999. not 1990


I was left by my wife at the time on Oct 21,1999.I met another woman in January of the following year. (2 months and 2 weeks after my 1st wife Left. I and the woman started Dating and in June found out we needed to get married sooner than we thought. My STBX at the time wanted to help. So we both Lied and backed our separation date . We were divorced on July 6, 2000. And my wife and I got married the next day. Am I married? Sorry for the missed key stroke on the last post.


If you didn’t wait the one year of separation then you are not divorced legally from your first wife, and your new wife is not legally your wife. You’re going to need an attorney to help you out on this one.


Dear Justme44:

Greetings. Did you get divorced after the Oct. 21 date? It was over ten years according to your 3/8 post, to your other marriage, so I don’t see what the problem is. Thank you.

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I was married and my wife at the time left me Oct.21,1990. I met another woman in January of 2000. We had to rush getting Married and did so on July 7, 2000. This was only after 8 months. Were we really Married?