What are my options!


Here is a little background: In 2001,I got a divorce from my ex wife, who had custody due to my work issues. In 2006 after changing jobs and moving, I obtained 50/50 custody of my daughter, who is now 10. My ex also has two older sons, one is 19 who recently moved out and the other is 17 who still lives with his mom. I recently found out (today) that the oldest son is in jail facing 6 years for breaking and entering. I also found out the youngest son is also being investigated for numerous charges also, felony charges. I am trying to find out what I can do to get my daughter out of this mess. I don’t want her at her mom’s house when the police decide to do a raid. Doesn’t this show a lack of parenting on her part. My daughter is great when she is with us, but is out of control at her mom’s house. This has come directly from her mom, who has asked for me to come watch how my daughter acts at her house. With everything going on, meaning all the police issues and poor parenting, would a judge grant me full custody. I also don’t have the money to pay a lawyer, due to spending an enormous amount back in 2006 just to get the 50/50 custody. Any advice or direction??? Thanks


I think you should get your daughter there. It’s not a nice environment for her.