What are my rights

Dear Taken:

Finally, I have gotten to your post… I would never ask you why you married your husband, as we all make mistakes and some of us make the mistake to marry someone when love has blinded us (some people marry the wrong person even when love has not blinded them).

If you owned the home and cars prior to the marriage, and you have not changed the title to make these items jointly owned property, then you still own them and they are not marital property. I hope that helps. Thank you.

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[:)]Thanks, that helps a lot!


I have been married for about 2 months and the man i married has now confessed he has been keeping something from me. Mind you i met this man online through a dating service and asked all the right questions except i did not do a background check. He admitted he has spent some time in prison for assaulting his ex with a deadly weapon because he caught her cheating.

Immediately, i was hurt that such a thing was kept from me until after we married, but we had a very emotional relationship and things didn’t always add up. Jealousy, insecurity etc. You may ask why i married. because i love him and he did put his best foot forward while dating me, trying to hide all of this

I think i want out of this marriage, because i don’t think we’ll be able to progress with lies and deceit. He expects me to just move on, but continues to show signs that he has not gotten over the hurt and the time spent behind bars. (10 yrs)He has shown me lately of some destructive behavorial signs and to be honest, I don’t feel like i really know him or feel safe anymore.

My question, I own a home and 2 cars/will i lose this if i divorce/even if i acquired all of this prior to marrying him?

Please, please any advice would be appreciated.