What are my rights?

I was in a relationship with a man for 15 years. We produced a daughter who is now 14. We had a domestic violence situation in Oct. 2010. He was not allowed to come near the home. The day of the domestic violence court hearing his mother called me pleading not to further the issue, so when I got to court I dropped the domestic violence. Upon his return to the home he wanted me out before he was to come back, he again called the police, the police captain came this time and told me he is tired of this individual calling his precinct and I must put an end to it. So my daughter and I each packed a suitcase and went to Georgia to stay with family. He than married the woman he was involved with. He also took all of my stuff from the home and put it in storage. I did not know of this until who ever won the auction on the unit found my mothers urn and called the crematory to locate next of kin. So I have some issues here and do not know were to start. I did this month file for child support. Is there anything else I can do about my personal items?
He has a home in N.C. just sitting there while he lives with new wife in Pa. while my daughter and I live with family. we do not have a place of our own.

Filing for child support is really the only remedy which you have available to you at this point. Since you weren’t married, you couldn’t file for Equitable Distribution. The personal items which you left at the home could be perceived as abandoned under the law if you didn’t return to retrieve them within a certain period of time.