What are sanctions and how does one prove

If someone is asking for sanctions, what does that mean exactly? A fine imposed by the court for frivolous litigation or other abuse of system?

Under what circumstances would sanctions be imposed? And what about attorney fees?

I want my ex wife to pay these for me because she has been intentionally trying to slow down the process but what do I have to prove to a judge in order to get this?

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Sanctions can be fines, or a ruling that restricts the offending party from presenting certain evidence in court. Sanctions can be imposed when a party is in contempt of an order, or has otherwise not complied with the rules of court or the judge’s instructions.
An award of attorney’s fees can be made under certain circumstances as well, and these are within the discretion of the judge.
If your ex is delaying the court action you may file a motion requesting that the judge enforce deadlines. If your ex is in violation of an Order you may file a motion for contempt.

What kind of reason would there be for restricting evidence, based on a sanction?

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A judge could, in his or her discretion, refuse to allow a party to present evidence on a certain issue if for example the party did not produce the required discovery related to that evidence.