Sanctions against opposing attorney

I am representing myself in an Order to Show Cause brought against me by ex-wife’s attorney. In her Motion to Show Cause, she has me responding to her county’s courthouse on the same day that I am to appear on the Order to Show Cause paperwork in the correct county. Had I not caught the error, I could have gone to the county NOT hearing the case, been cited with a Failure to Appear, etc. I firmly believe she did this on purpose. I am going to the correct courtroom Tuesday and asking for a dismissal since the paperwork has me in two different places at once. Can I make a motion that she be sanctioned? If the attorney cannot get their act together, how can I, or the court, trust anything that comes out of her logical arguments?

You can make a motion for sanctions if you wish.

Is it appropriate to ask for a dismissal? Is it appropriate to make a motion for sanctions? What am I to expect? Is this a smart thing to do? It’s not what I wish to do, it’s ‘what is going to get me the best mileage.’

It is not grounds for dismissal of the attorney’s client’s claim and could have been a mistake. I would suggest you let the attorney know what happened and how it affected you, then move on past the issue.