What can be done about relocation?

If one parent in a joint custody situation must relocate for work and in order to not disrupt the children’s schooling leaves them in the care of the other parent (although sees them as much as possible), it seems that they are automatically at a disadvantage when going to court for child custody because they don’t have the ability to be omnipresent in the children’s lives anymore.

Are there ways around this natural disability to prove that they indeed are an interested and better parent for the children?

The moving parent can file for primary custody and seek that the children move with them.

SOrry to not be specific. The moving parent has moved, and has filed, but will not withdraw the children out of school during the school year because of the disruption. It is set to go to mediation, but what happens if it ends up in court? How can the moving parent overcome the disadvantage of having left the children to complete their school yearfor wht they felt was the kids’ best interest ?

I don’t necessarily see the move as a disadvantage.

Thanks so much, Erin. That’s a relief.

You are welcome, I wish you the best.