What does it potentially mean

I have since found out my wife, married in 04, was married previously in 03 and never told me. There is no record of divorce and could have been annulled. How do you find out for sure? and what could it potentially mean if true?

It is unlikely it was annulled. Annulments only occur with very specific situations (such as impotence). What this means is your marriage to her is void as she was already married at the time you married her. If this is the case then she will need to initiate the divorce process from her first marriage and conclude that before she can marry you (again).

I’m sure Erin can elaborate.

it was a Las Vegas marriage so I have no idea where an annulment would be. I have paid lots of money to check divorce records and nothing yet. Is there any way to find out? She has a permanent DVPO with no contact in place against me

Endoftheline is correct. If your wife was never divorce prior to her marriage to you, your marriage is void from the beginning, as if it did not exist. You need not get a divorce or annulment as the marriage was never valid to begin with.

I completely agree, my concern is that if it was annulled or a divorce decree is found, can I use the fact she never disclosed prior to marriage.

If it does not bother you personal life then why are you bothered about it.
Just forget about what has been gone in past and start your life in a new way.

i filed for divorce from bed and board over a year ago. my wife left the state with the child. i have since learned that she was previously married (have marriage cert from NV) yet cannot prove she divorced or annulled. she is receiving federal benefits as my spouse and i have hired two attorney’s (hatley law firm and beaver holt) for the proceedings and its been a year, no divorce decree or annulment. what can i do? i haVE paid every background site fort the answers to no avail.