Would it be possible to have marriage annulled?

I need help determining wether I can get my marriage annulled. I was married in June of 2007. We separated a month after. Our marriage was never consumated and we were forced by my father to get married. In Jan of 2007 we had a child out of wedlock. But because we had no where to go and would be homeless if my father kicked us out from his home we wed to please him. He moved out of the home and to another state. For almost four years I have been unable to locate him and find a real address and phone number for him so that I could file for a divorce. He has had little to no contact with me over the years and I have recently learned that he is now stationed at a military base an hour away from where I live. At this point he has had no contact with me at all and I would like to annull this marriage so that I can go on with my life. We have been living as two single people and we are only married on paper. We sought to get a uncontested divorce before he moved away, but since he has moved out of state I have been unable to locate him and didnt have the money to pay a lawyer to try to find him. Since I now know his location and if he agrees with it, could I possibly get this marriage annulled? Or do I still have to file for a divorce?

There are very limited circumstances in which an annulment will be granted:
marriages between any two persons nearer of kin than first cousins, between double first cousins, between persons either of whom is under sixteen years of age, between persons either of whom has a spouse living at the time of the marriage, between persons either of whom is at the time physically impotent, or between persons either of whom is at the time incapable of understanding the marriage vows.
You will have to file for divorce.