What happens when spousal support ends?

My ex and I have been divorced for a while now. In the SA, it states that I will pay her spousal support for 48 months. Once I pay the 48th payment, do I just stop? I usually include the spousal support and child support into one check, and I understand that the child support will, of course, continue beyond the 48th spousal support payment. Do I just continue sending her a check, just only for the amount of child support (once the 48th payment is made)? Do I need to file some form, or notify her in advance, or anything?

Thanks for all the help that your forum provides on such a convoluted and sensitive issue as divorce.

Yes, if the terms of your agreement state that you will pay her alimony for a total of 48 months, you can just stop paying her after the 48th monthly payment has been made. If for convenience sake you have simply been combining the alimony and child support into one check, you can just continue sending her the one check, obviously for a lesser amount which will only encompass your continuing child support obligation. You don’t have to file anything at this point, and she cannot either because you are not in breach of your contract.