What is Domestic Stalking/Cyberstalking?

I recently opened up old email accounts I have had in the past that my ex had broken into after I left him.
While going through the mail that had piled up in them I found where he has been searching social networks online trying to apparently find accounts.
According to the dates this has been going on since he broke into my accounts after I left him (mind you he says he had a right cause he knew the passwords) so this dates back all the way to march this year.
I have proof with his picture on the emails of who has viewed these old and new social site profiles. I have made new ones since I left and made them strictly private. We were never married so he’s not looking for adultry, he’s just following my moves online. The last instance was just 4 days ago. I would have to make a large post to spell out all of his actions to show a tendency to stalk someone.

  1. When does it constitute as stalking?
  2. When is it considered harassment?
  3. Will it have any affect on a judges view of visitation and joint custody or a psych evaluation requirement?

At this point I would go ahead and file a harassment report with the police. If he is actually threatening you, his actions may affect custody, otherwise I don’t believe his checking your emails will have an effect on custody.

I have, the local Sheriffs Dept took a copy of the photos from the sites.

My next question is this:
On one of my old facebook pages the ex decided to play “smart” and send a friends request to the old profile, I’m sure just to see if I still used it(I didn’t), when I open the old account to deactivate it, IF I accept the friends request is what I aquire from his page legally obtained as long as I also have proof he initiated the friends request?

PS the reason I ask is someone we mutually know has said things that because they refuse to go to court, would fall under the hearsay rule. But they have told me that he had posted that the baby had…(sorry I can’t say it) and some other things as to his actions and stability.

Yes, you may obtain information legally by visiting the page, it is not hearsay as it can be used as what is called “ an admission of a party opponent”.

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