What to do? divorce or annulment?

You may want to consider an annulment if it has been a short time and recognized in NC. If I had this as an option at the time I would have pursued it. Either way get legal counsel who can tell you the pros and cons. Good luck! You my want to post this on the legal forum.

</font id=“Verdana”></font id=“size2”></font id=“black”>my husband and i have been married only about 8 months and now we’re headed for a divorce. he’s claiming he talked to a lawyer who said we could get an annulment, but the lawyers i’m talking to say that in nc, its very hard to get an annulment (except in cases like being married to someone you’re related to, among other things). i guess my question is this, do i need to be leary if he serves me with “annulment” papers? i don’t want to find out 10 years down the line that he dealt with a crooked lawyer and we’re really still married. can anyone give me some advice? thanks in advance