What to do first?

My husband came home after being gone with the the military for a year and says he no longer wishes to be married and no longer loves me. This is a 24 yr marriage. This was Oct 5th. Three weeks later he moved out. What should I do first? He is giving me just the amount of the morgage for PSS and CS. He is not paying the mortgage or utilities and has taken me off all credit cards and off the car ins. There is no Sep Agreement at all at this point. He has written them up himself 4 different versions and none of them are agreeable. The first one is only giving me alimony if I move out and the last set gives me alimony for 5 years and the the other two sets are in between. Crazy stuff.
What should I do first?

He took most of his personal stuff and has a huge gun collection worth thousands. I don’t have alot of money for a lawyer to do papers. What can I do if anything to get him to give me more money to be able to move, this home will be forclosed on eventually I am sure.
I am lost in the legal terms and what is first.
Thanks for your help. It is appreciated!

Based on the facts you list, you may attempt to seek an order for an interim distribution of debt (contribution from your spouse to the mortgage). Hopefully this court order will force your ex to keep the house out of foreclosure.

Your marriage was long-term as a dependent spouse and it would be selling short to agree to just five years of alimony. The general way that alimony is handled in NC is that it’s given for roughly half the length of the marriage. Sometimes even permanent alimony is still awarded, and that may even be a possibility for a marriage as long as yours. I highly advise you to at least arrange for a consultation with an attorney to create a plan of action for your case.