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All of the issues you have listed are definitely factors a court may consider in deciding child custody. A court can take into consideration the findings of a DSS investigation as well although a DSS file can only be opened with a court order.

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The wife moved out 3 months ago on here own, she left the kids, bills and moved in with her parents. I got served papers for custody and equal distribution. when the court date came it went without her showing up, her lawyer I guess continued it. 2nd court date came and went with another no show because her lawyer filed the paperwork late. She has went to my job in the past month in an attempt to get me fired. her mother has abused my oldest son (10) because she was saying nasty things about me and he pretty much told her she was wrong. I filed (2) reports with the sheriff dept and requested a DSS Investigation. now seems there is no hurry to get back into court. we are currently switching the children every other week and this has been going on for 3 months. will the Judge take this into consideration, she now claims it is disruptive for the children. So far nothing has been done except DSS is almost complete with there investigation. Is this a normal ploy to get custody ?