What to do with Soon to be ex-wifes questions


One thing I will say blackvipe is this is a forum not a book telling story way to long sorry about that dude but someone elso will tell you too.
Sounds that she did sign the aggreement then she is the out spouse change locks first thing then wait for one year one day then it is all over. If you have the medical ins in your aggreement then you can not remove her breech of contract I am going though the same mess but it is my fault I did not put a time on it so I must wait until court judges on this.
Sounds that you are confused as well as her think about this do you want her back? If not then move on in time this will be easy.
Hope everything works out for you
good luck to you


Basically you are asking - what does my agreement mean. Withoug seeing the agreement it is impossible to know what it might mean. Sorry. I would sit down with an attorney and review the agreement.

Good luck.

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Thats one thing I don’t want is her back. The main question is what do I do with her property. I already have given her notice 2 times that it is going to storage. And it will be payed for for 2 months. What can I do if she doesn’t pick her stuff up? can I put a notice int he newspaper saying if she doesn’t get her stuff by a certin day she risk foriture of it because she will automaticly default on the storage payment?


Hello I have a legal question. Me and my Soon to be ex-wife separated 11/9/2005. We where married only 7 months. She basicly left and didn’t return. How it happened was she called the police telling them that she was suicial beause I asked her for a divorce. Shortly after the police get her she tells me she is going to the hospital. I and the police are taking her. I asked her if she wanted me to take her because she had a history of seizers. She goes now and I was on the phone with my mom so my mom herd and I thought for a few mins and got up and went down to the hospital. They after sitting a 1 hour the nurse came out and said I could not see her. I was like ok. So I went home and found out she was transported to a psy. ward. Her friend then contacted me. So her friend contacted me and told me she was in a psy ward. I told her I wanted to Negoate how she wanted to handle this. How she wanted to file. That night she comes over to pick up my soon to be ex wifes clothing. I was in the process of packing her personal belongings at the time. So I packed everything nice and neat even washed and neatly folded all her cloths. That her friend toke to my soon to be ex. a her friend comes back and tells me my soon to be wants to take me to court serveral days later. So I was ok I need to get a lawyer. But I have been kinda waiting to find out what my soon to be ex wants to do before getting a attonery and spending money I don’t really have. Her friend says she is not going to relay any more messages. Because she didn’t want to get into the middle of it. So basicly there is no further contact with my soon to be I don’t know where she is. but the week of thanksgiving weekend that thrusday she calls me up and says she will sign a separation agreement. I get down there and she refuses to sign it. So she calls me back the next day saying she will sign it. I even gave her the op to consult a attonery before signing. The part she didn’t argee on was the medical bills. My soon to be and me signed a Post Nup saying that we both wave rights to clames Support, Mantinace, Alimony and Alimony in Gross, and are responciable for our own credit card bills as well as our own medical bills. This was signed by 2 witnesses and noterized. So the next day she calls saying she will sign the sep agreement. She comes buy and signs it but forget’s here ID to have it noterized. I have a signed copy of it. But sence she didn’t have her id we could not get it signed by the notery. She then agrees in a few more days that she will sign the sep agreement. She takes some of her stuff. and I have not herd from her sence. A week goes by then yesterday I send a message to her friend telling my soon to be ex that I was going to put her stuff in storage. We agreed on that that day her friend was here and herd her. I told my soon to be that I would be willing to store it for 2 months after that my soon to be would be responcible. So I called up her friend and her friend didn’t want to talk to her anymore because my soon to be ex was tring to pull her in on it. But she relayed the message too her and she said that was the last message she is going to relay to her. So there is no more contact with my soon to be ex. What are my options? I am storing her stuff for 2 months in a storage facility. She has all the marital property with her stuff. Which was all the kitchen stuff. Basicly thats the only things that where bought while we where together. My question is sence I have given her notice that I am going to store her stuff How long will I have to hold on too it if she doesn’t come clame it and I have no way of now contacting her?
Can I post a add in the newspaper notifying here she has so many days to come to to finaly pick up here stuff or risk forifture? How well will my post-nup going to hold up in court. The post nup states basicly on all the lines in the event of separation or divorce. In the post nup it states I have the right to remove her form my medical insurance can I remove her right now sence the post nup is active sence she left. She does have the right to elect cobra in the post nup. Besicaly the Post nup is formated for incase of separation or divorce. Almost like a separation agreement. Signed notrozied and witnessed by 2 people at the bank. The day she came over I did manage to get her to sing the apartment over to me so now I am the only one on the lease. She met me at the office to remove her name.
that day she picked up her stuff. But now she doesn’t want to sign a separation argeement. Currently I don’t know what she wants to do. And she is not at lest calling on the phone to nicely negotate this. currently there is no contact at all. What should I do? any ideas that I should do in conjuction with seeing a attonery?