What to do?


Go to your DSS office and ask that the arrearage be adjudicated–in other words, a judge acknowledges the back child support, and a warrant will be issued for his arrest. If he is a sex offender and happesns to be a parolee, then he will be sent back to prison, where he belongs. If not, he will at least be arrested. Fight fire with fire–your daughter’s safety is at stake.



You are not required to have counsel to pursue custody. I would suggest that you move forward with custody without counsel unless he retains counsel. File a motion with the court and, when you are given your day in court, present a will organized presentation about why custody needs to be changed.

Good luck.

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Me and my x have been divorced 7 years we have a 9 yr old daughter . We have joint custody I am the primary caregiver, he has visitaion. He has become very hard to get along with recently doesnt want to work with me on anything he is over 16,000.00 behind on child support, he is trying to tell me when he will get our daughter. He is also a registered sex offender… I want to go back to court to get sole custody, but lack the funds right now , the environment that she is in when she is over at his place is not good for her in my opinion. She now comes home with an attitude she will not listen to me or her stepfather, she talks back . It states in our parenting agreement that he is to get her every other week end (no set dates) he has had her for the past 2 weekends , on account of a sickness in family i let her stay with him this last weekend now he says he wants her again this weekend and threatens to call police if i do not let her go,. What can i do???[:(]

hope whitfield