When can I start dating before my divorce?

I have been married for 15 years, my husband has had an affair and I hired a PI and now have what I need to prove he was having an affair. We did not start having problems until I noticed he was texting and talking with a female co-worker on evenings and weekends. I then hired the PI and now have to proof.

I am considering filing AA against her.
I have since had to go on medication and have been seeing a therapist on a weekly basis since this has happened, and lost over 50 lbs. I have now lost his income and we are sharing the kids 50/50 custody. He moved out of the family house and got an apartment, I had the kids for a month or more while he was getting “settled in”.

My question is, when can I start dating? I don’t want to jeopardize my chances of winning an AA case. I have gone to dinner with a guy several times, I had surgery and he brought me dinner one night. We have been separated for 9 months. If she had me followed by a PI and they took picture of us at dinner, do you think that would negate my chances for case of AA?

You may begin dating at any time after the separation legally speaking (though engaging in sexual conduct is still adultery until you are divorced) however if you plan on filing for AA or CC a jury could be less sympathetic to your case practically speaking.