Who is finacially responsible


changing the locks is a big no-no.
Close the accounts so that no new charges can be added.
Get a lawyer.
If you have documentation on the car purchase and furniture purchase you should be able to recover those. but Get a lawyer.



Dear duminnc:

Greetings. Get back in the house, as he cannot kick you out in this way. If you refuse to sign, nothing happens until one of you goes to court for something. Get an attorney now though, before you lose more of your possessions. Don’t “sit on your rights.” Thank you.

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A few weeks ago my husband changed the locks on the house and threw me out. He has since sent me a certified copy of separation papers which is basically stating the following:
-He gets to stay in the house and will pay all associated bills (Gas, electric, phone, etc). (the house is rented and I have no desire to fight him on this)
-He gets to keep all the household furnishing (which I purchased before we were married, over 8K spent on all of this).
-He is going to give me my car (which I also purchased before we were married but both of our names are on the title, he stole the title from me the day before he changed the locks).
-He is also going to hold me responsible for the two credit cards. The two accounts were originally opened by me on my credit and he was added as a second card holder. I have since found out he has racked up almost 10K in debt between both of these cards.

What happens if I refuse to sign the separation papers? I am currently out of the state, but would like to return to get my belongings. Can I get the police to escourt me to the house? I will not go alone, since the last time I saw him he put his hand around my neck and threatened to strangle me. Can he legally take all of my belongings like he has done and leave me left with the debt?