Wife pregnant, not mine

My wife and I have been living separately for over a year and have 3 kids. We do not have any property settlement, child custody (I do pay child support) legally worked out. I wanted an attorney to finalize the divorce, but attorneys cost money and I am not in a place to pay for one yet. I found out a few weeks ago that my ex is pregnant by another guy. The guy is young (20) and took off as soon as he found out she was pregnant.

My question is, I have heard some rumblings from other people that because our divorce isn’t final my ex could. A - give the baby my last name (it is still her last name), B - I could be responsible to pay child support for this child.

Any of this true? Anything else she could do?

if you are not the father you won’t have a child support obligation for that child. You may have to contest paternity if your wife objects, but the court can order a paternity test to settle the issue.