Wife refuses seperation agreement

My wife will be seperated for a year in late Feb. We lived in a rural part of Western NC and I moved back to Florida 3 months after our seperation. I have had a seperation agreement written up that tried to give her the house and all contents. She refused to sign. We have one daughter together and she has a daughter from a previous relationship. She says she wont sign anything without her daughter (which I did NOT adopt) listed on it. She also wants an amount of child support to help with the care of her daughter. I am to the point where I feel litigation is the only solution and want to pursue absolute divorce. Since I have been paying the mortgage for the house for the last year will that be the amount the judge rules as payment? My wife cannot afford the upkeep or even part of the mortgage payments. I do have her daughter on my health insurance if that makes a difference.

The judge may take into account the payments you made on the home.
Your expenses are relevant if she pursues alimony.