Wife wants to move child out of state

My wife and I just got separated. She has wanted to move to Sarasota and I was looking for a job there, but recently she met a guy online in Nashville and flew out to see him ( she has had multiple affairs, all but one of them was out of state as far as I know). Now she says she is moving my daughter to Nashville so she can pursue a music career. She does not have a job and has not held a full-time job during our five years of marriage. She has two college degrees. I am a full time nurse with a good job and I am also in school fulltime at an online university. TN is the one state that does not except this degree (BSN) from my school. Her family lives here in NC and frequently watches my daughter. We have no connection to Nashville, yet we do have some in Sarasota. I have a lawyer and she has an appointment with one. Her parents have refused to help her financially. I have taken a loan for a retainer. I do not want to take custody away from my wife unless she moves out of state, but I will do what I need to do to keep my daughter from being taken out of state. What do I need to do to keep my daughter in the state?