Wife wont leave, husband paying for everything

The marital home was purchased before the marriage, which lasted 3 years. The husband has been the sole provider and the title of the house, cars, insurance, and utilities are only the husband’s name. The house and car were acquired prior to the marriage.

She did not work during marriage. Due to certain circumstances wherein the wife has become violent, refuses to sign any agreements, and liquidated the bank account, and left him with 15K in debt, he has moved out.

What can be done to have her removed from the home? Can my brother cut the utilities? Take the tag off the car? Take her off the car insurance? Evict her? Can he drop her from the health insurance? He’s living out of a suitcase, while he pays for everything and she’s living it up.

If the parties are already separated and she won’t come to an agreement with him about how to handle the property, it sounds like he needs to file a claim for equitable distribution, and file a motion for interim distribution of the house and ask the court that he be allowed to move back in.