My wife filed for divorce about 2 years ago, she claimed physical and mental abuse. She filed for separation of bed and board. Her claim she lost on both counts, so I won.

She told me today her and her family is moving to Seattle Washington. Her son is 29 years old his wife 27 and child. MY wife is 46. I don’t have any child support. If she leaves is that abondonment? I have been faithful and provided for her needs.

She said she wants to sell everything before she goes. Is it recommended to sell the house without any attornies, and then worry about the divorce later. If I buy her out of the house can she try to claim part of it even though I bought her out?

Is it better to just let her moved, and then try and get her to settle later?

If your wife leaves it may be considered abandonment on her part, but that claim has little, if any effect these days.

If you buy her out of the house, you will need a Separation Agreement, which outlines the details of the buyout and will prevent her from attempting to get more out of the house at a later point in time. She will also need to execute a Special Warranty Deed which releases all of her interest in and to the home.

You may work through an execute an Agreement at any time, before or after she moves.