What if I want to get divorce from my wife, but neither of us want to move out of the house? I told her that she could buy the house, and then i will move out. But she doesn’t want to go to a bank to find out if she qualifies. If I move out I can be charged with abandoment.

Also, her family is coming back from Seattle. Can I stop her son from moving in if he has his own family? Can I just call the cops? I don’t want them to live with me.


You cannot get a divorce unless you live separate and apart (in different houses) for one year and one day. There are no exceptions.
If you move out, a claim for abandonment will not carry any weight if you ensure she has the necessary support to live.
I am not sure what the police will do if you prevent your stepson and his family from moving in. You and your wife have equal rights to the home.


He is 29 and has a family. Does that mean I am responsible for a 29 year old man and his family!


No you are not responsible for him or his family.


If my wife son who is 29 and his family come back and want to stay. Can I refuse to let them stay? If they insist can I call the cops. If they can’t do anything can I take his bags nicely to the side of the curb and ask them to leave? I am going to tell my attorney that I just don’t have the money to take care of his family. If they want to take it in front of the judge then fine. I will tell the judge that I am on disability and don’t have the finances to take care of him. Would this be advisable?


As I said before, I do not know what the police will do in this instance, nor can a predict what a judge would do. Since you are not separated you each have equal rights to the home.