When to move out

I have been asked to move out of the house where my wife and two children live. We will be getting a diviorce. Am I under any obligation to move out or can I be forced to move out? There is no abuse of any kind. Love my children and don’t want to leave plus I cannot afford it.

I suggest that you DO NOT move out, and schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as you can.

So now my wife says she is moving out, with the children, against my will and will be using our money to do it. I am looking for legal representation and reading up on the state laws, but this is coming very fast. I do need to speak with someone quickly to tell me what rights I have, what she can and cannot do with children and keep her from doing financial damage.

Until there is a court order saying otherwise, you have equal legal rights to your children. Do not settle on a visitation schedule you are not happy with (they can be hard to change later). You also have a legal right to half of the assets, if there are joint bank accounts then I would go open your own account asap and transfer half of whatever savings you might have. Not that she would, but there is a chance she could withdraw all of it.

You need to find a lawyer asap.

I will be meeting with your office, but not for about 2 weeks. I have direct deposit. Move that to my new account as well?

Yes, you may do so.

My wife now wants to move out with the children. She has a place to live now, from my perspective (our house) until the proper processes have been followed to determine custody and money. Am I under any obligation to pay for a place for her to move into with the children? I would prefer the children remain in the home, but I don’t know if I can request that. But she is saying that her lawyer says I need to pay for her apartment.

You are not obligated to pay for a new residence for her, and can request that the children remain with you.