Will he go to jail?


My boyfriend has a child with his ex-wife who resides in NC with their son. His child support is around $450/month. He moved to Texas and has not been able to pay support since he left, (now 6 months past due.) He has a job waiting tables and is staying with family but not enough income to barely take care of himself, let alone his son. My question is, if he goes back to NC will he be arressted? He seems to think so and that he’s better off just going there and turning himself in. What will happen to him? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



If his ex files a motion for contempt a judge has the power to send him to jail until he can make up the money owed. Typically judges will impose “suspended sentences” which allow folks some time to make up the amount owed so they may continue working, rather than sitting in jail.


He seems to be under the impression that if he enters into North Carolina, (Dare County in particular) he will be arrested and thrown into jail. Is this likely? Would his surrending be helpful in any way? Thank you for your help.


If he is just behind on child support, he will HAVE to be served with a contempt charge and go to court and ‘have his day in court’. He will not immediately be thrown unto jaim upon entering Dare county UNLESS he already has a warrant on the records and they’re looking for him.

My ex got behind and I had to file a contempt charge. We went to court, he explained his reasons, judge didn’t accept the reasons and gave him a choice…make the payments up or serve jail time. He wasn’t thrown in jail.