Would my age and possible pregnancy affect

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The court considers the specific circumstances of each case, so all of these facts would be considered, I don’t know how much weight the court would give them. Bringing another child into the situation may have an impact, if you are not pregnant you should wait to have children until this issue is resolved. Please make sure that your fiance’s attorney is aware of all these facts.

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…Would my age and possible pregnancy affect my fiance’s custody case?

He is not divorced yet. We got together way after their seperation. I MIGHT be pregnant, which I’ve heard in NC could be proof of adultery although we got together far after they seperated.

Posters here told me I will probably be subpoened to court as a witness because I am his fiance. I support him and have no problem with this (other than anxiety about the court, heh.)

But, I’m only 21, I turned 21 in November. Would they doubt my testimony? Would they doubt my ability to provide a good loving and nurturing home to my fiance’s daughter? I do not party or anything, a drink here and there. Last year & the beginning of this year I drank like a fish. Now I no longer care for it. I’m responsible and am definitely ready to take care of a child. But would they use my age against me? Like, “Oh, she’s only 21, she probably still wants to party and wouldn’t have any real interest in taking care of a stepdaughter. They probably won’t even end up together anyway, because she’s so young and doesn’t know what she wants…”

I’m worried they’ll use my age against me.

Plus, I might be pregnant. Would they use that against us, especially since he’s not divorced yet?