X-wife will not let me speak to my child

me and my x-wife have been divorced since 2009 and have court ordered visitation where i get him every holiday and summer and can call anytime to speak to him. we were divorced in florida and she relocated with him to kannapolis N.C. where they are both residents. Now she will not let me speak to him and is saying he will not be coming anymore to florida. This has been an ongoing issue for 3 years now, but has never gone this far now that she has blocked my phone calls. I do believe that he would be better off here in florida where I his father, sister, grandparents and other family members live. I have held the same job and lived in the same school district for 15 years. My x-wife has never held a job for over 6 months then goes on unempolyment for a year. My question’s are do I stand a chance at having him relocated and getting custody? and what can I do to be able to speak to my son? Kinda hard to drive 550 miles just to speak to him and make it back to work by monday.

Thank you

Sounds like you would need to explore a motion to modify and a motion for contempt for her failure to follow the court order in allowing telephone contact and visitation.

Whether it is feasible to have him placed in your custody would best be determined with a full consultation to discuss all of the facts of your case.