3am Wake Up Calls - Painful


Just reaching out again for anything to be honest.
Every morning for about a month now I’ve woken up like a bolt of lightning has struck me and normally I’m a pretty sound sleeper. I wont be dreaming or anything but all of a sudden my wifes face appears as large as a widescreen TV during my sleep and I just POP out of sleep. I’m then awake for a few hours calling my sister just to talk because the loneliness is unbearable at that time of night. I wish this feeling would move on so I can get a more positive outlook of what is happening in my life.
Any ideas? It’s all so new and fresh i’m lost and confused.


It gets better with time…and I know that is not the answer you want to hear…but it really does. It helped me to go talk with counselor just to have someone to talk with and sort out my feelings.