50-b on my record forever! i did nothing!

as far as you calling her, can’t they subpoena your phone records? Her companies phone records as proof???

did you consent to the 50-b?? did your lawyer do so on your behalf? It shouldn’t be on your record unless you consented…

Concented? I just didn’t show up for the correct court date. Thanks to my lawyer. I shower up at his office the day of court and he stated it was a few days later. He was wrong. So they listed me as a “no show” and extended the 50-B for a year.

that doesn’t sound right. They, the judge, should have issued a warrant for you, then you would have been arrested, but at least you would have had your lawyer to back you up. Couldn’t your lawyer fix what they screwed up??

I could have written the same post. I dropped my ex at the airport for Thanksgiving one year and was told she would always love me. When I got home the sherriff served a 50b (no violence ever , except on her). She had an attorney named b**gg who she advised told her she could have me put out of the house if she told the judge she was afraid. 2 days prior, she had called the police for no reason and they took no action. 5 years and no history of domestic problems.
well, this ended with me paying more than I should to an ex who has a history with DSS and breaking drunk driving laws. Someday I will fix my mailbox post from her picking up the kids after an afternoon uptown.
I think its a crime, courts make decisions without having to investagate history. I have to go tell my daughter Im sorry I failed again, but the judge delayed our case until next year. If a lawyer is willing, I want to sue the system. Had any part of the system looked at us, she would be in jail. This week she was unable to take the girls sun, mon and tues and I have custody wed thurs fri. Why I am writing her a check again this week? Men have no rights.

true we don’t:

1…a 50-b against her by me- pled guilty 2x to violating it…now extended two years.
2…i have lots of recordings of her abusive behaviour towards me.
3…i now have physical evidence of abuse perpetrated by her agsint my youngest boy, a fingernail mark, which both kids confirm came from her in anger and she never apologized.
4…she flips me off after i get the kids, calls me dumbf*ck at the same time.
5…she attempts to run me off the road, which my kids see from inside my car.
6…she makes a scene at EVERY exchange at the PD, making the police inspect to make sure I have my kids buckled up properly, which i always do! (i demanded we meet at the PD due to her bahviour)
7…has violated the incorporated sep agreement a couple times by not paying taxes owed etc so I had to pay them (irs - joint return)
8…she doesn’t help the kids in school, and the school is complaining tome that she doesn’t answer their questions (teachers) about the kids behaviour, which is declining.
9…when she gets off of work, she stays out late, making my kids stay up late, until she picks them up from her free babysitter (her mom)
10. she lets them play ps2, grand theft auto, by themselves while she blares her music in the other room.
11. she has filed false charges against me in retaliation to her getting served for the 50-b. She tried blackmailing me saying she’d drop her charges if i dropped mine. You can’t drop a 50-b. The DA in her county, dropped the charges almost immediately, but not before I turned myself in and spent a day of my life in a hellhole called jail.

1…pay more than required child support monthly, and always early.
2…take my kids hiking and have a genuinely fun time with them, when I have them.
3…i am giving my oldest son, 9, lessons in algebra, I have to pay him 25 cents or somthing to make it interesting if he solves the problems correctly… :wink:. Just found out his teacher found out, since he was like the only kid in class to solve an algebra problem, they just started going over the basics, and he told her, “my dad taught me!!!” I could have cried with joy… :slight_smile: I also teach my youngest math applicable to a 7 year old.
4…I try to teach them manners and that school is important and so is nature and activity.

if I go for full custody, not sure if I would prevail. the system is screwed up and my kids are getting worse because of that…it depresses me to just htink about the hopelessness of it all, but all I can do is save and wait till I think I have a rock solid case…Once I start the process she is likely to go full speed at me with false charges, allegations etc. She stated so way back when we seperated: “i will do anything to stop you from getting the kids, even if it means making things up or hurting myself.”…
geez, how can i fight that???

You can get really good advice at dadsdivorce.com


Family court judges issue two million DVs every year, half are routinely extended, 85 percent are against men, and half do not include any allegation of violence but rely on vague complaints made without evidence.

Follow the money, both at the supply and the demand ends of the economic trail. The supply of 1,500 new domestic violence laws enacted by states from 1997 to 2005 is largely the handiwork of targeted lobbying by feminists funded by the multi-million-dollar federal boondoggle called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

VAWA is blatantly gender discriminatory; as its title proclaims, it is designed to address only complaints by women. VAWA provides taxpayer funding to feminists to teach legislators, judges and prosecutors the stereotypes that men are batterers and women are victims.

The demand end of the economic chain is the fact that women know (and their lawyers advise them) that making allegations of domestic violence (even without proof or evidence) is the fastest and cheapest way to win child custody plus generous financial support. The financial incentives to lie or exaggerate are powerful.

Due process violations in the issuing of DVs include lack of notice, no presumption of innocence, denial of poor defendants to free counsel while women are given taxpayer-funded support, denial of the right to take depositions, lack of evidentiary hearings, improper standard of proof, no need to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, denial of the right to confront accusers, and denial of trial by jury.

Assault and battery are already crimes in every state without any need of VAWA. DVs empower activist family court judges to criminalize a vast range of otherwise legal behavior (usually a father’s contact with his own children and entry into his own home) which are crimes only for the recipient of the order, who can then be arrested and jailed without trial for doing what no statute prohibits and what anyone else may lawfully do.


even with the overwhelming evidence I have, and with the 50-b in place against her, I still feel at a disadvantage. She is now abusing my kids. My kids say so. the school says so. The doctor says so based on their interviewing the kids. But they (school) say “well she’s taking classes so that’s good”, but they don’t realize they are MANDATED classes due to the 50-b! Not until I told them. They still (they being the system) side with her!!! Jesus Christ! What will it take for people to side with me???

Marcus and Avictim:

There is a new Fathers Rights Organization f4j.com which can help all us fathers fight the corrupt legal system. They contected me and have bee a tremedous help. There are ways to make these lawyers and judges accountable for their actions. What you have to realize is that they want you to give up on your children. They just want what money they can get out of you 1st and then they want to put you in a position where you have no fight left. There are effective ways to deal with this!

f4j.com is growing fast and being heard around the country. We are trying to establish a chapter for North Carolina. It does not cost anything t join up and fight for your rights.

f4j.com people from all over the country who have experienced these same injustices will help you by sharing information, strategies and provide sample documents filed for those who cannot afford a lawyer or those who have unethical and corrupt lawyers. DO NOT give up on your children. They need their fathers. DO NOT let them get away with this! We are here to help you and by helping you, we help all future fathers in this country. DO NOT lay down and just take what is dished out! Let F4J show yo uhow to fight back using the laws provided by North Carolina. You have rights under under these laws and F4J can help guide you on how to use them to your advantage!

Note: 40% of the members of Fathers For Justice are women! Women who have seen what this corrupt system has done to children.



If you have evidence from the school and the children themsleves back up the abuse, then file with the courts for an emergency custody order. Just make sure you have the evidence and also, let the judge know the childrens stand on how they feel. It cannot be petty things like mom will not let us stay up late or mom is mean type stuff. If, the school themselves know there is a problem, have they documented it? You say the doctor has so, you seem to have enough evidence and support to get the emergency custody order implemented.

Seek a layer immediately but, make sure that they are sincerely intersted in helping you and not just after your money. The best way to know is to ask them how they can be reached 24x7. You should be able to always have your lawyer available to you 24x7 but, if and when you have to call them, expect to pay for it. lawyers do not work cheap and their time is valuable. Also, ask them what type of hearing/trial preperation you can expect from them. Do not fall for this “We will meet 30 or 60 minutes before the hearing/trial at the court house” stuff! That means they have not prepared themselves for your case and you will get blindsided by the opposite attorney and judge!



at the parent/teacher conference I just had yesterday with them, the principle, vp, social worker, teacher, counselors, they all painted her as an attentive mother. Nothing really was said about the abuse…though the social worker told me that if i had concerns to file with social services. they also told me that the meds are working on the youngest of the boys and they are happy for that. I voiced my opinion of drugging a child into submission. I think his problem is environment and lack of attention/discipline from his mother, but how do i prove that???

I am at the disadvantage because I am the father, not the mother…

My wife…soon to be ex, served a 50-B on me just to get me out of the house. July 3, 2005 she sat on my lap in our computer room telling me she loved me. Everything was wonderful in our marriage, or so I thought. Monday the 4th, she told me she no longer wanted to be married and it was time for me to go. I stated to her “I was going nowhere, whatever the trouble she thought we had, we could work through it.” Well, she left for a few days and stayed w/ her brother, but had me served on the 8th of July with a 50-B. I in no way would ever harm her or even threaten her. But she somehow got the order. So I had to leave. Now, court day comes, and my attorney screws up on the court date. So I had to deal with not only having this against me, but nowhere to call home now.
Then 3 months later she claims I was calling her at work, breaking the 50-B. NOT SO. I had all the proof needed showing I couldn’t have even known her whereabouts. I was far out of town. But again, court date comes, and she drops it. NOW IT’S ON MY RECORD FOREVER! I DID NOTHING! I feel my attorney is primarily at fault for not seeing this end 10 days after me being served.