50-b it's on my record forever! i did nothing!

Call me stupid but what is a 50-B? and I’m very sorry for what you are going through.

Shari Ashley

Call me stupid but what is a 50-B? and I’m very sorry for what you are going through.

justmeinNC: A 50-B is a domestic violence protective order. Pretty much just like a restraining order.

This case is crazy because when I filed for a 50-B I had so much proof against my ex and it was denied by the courts 3 times. He continued to bother me and I kept filing and they kept denying me. So, your wife obviously gave a good case whether it was truth or lies.

I hope everything works out for you. Best of luck.

A simialr thing happened to me. My wife went out and got an attorney and then came home and physically assaulted me and when I oushed her away from me, she called 911 and had me charged with a Domestic Violence charge and then went to a judge and got a 50B.

I was kicked out of our home which we had just ppurchased 7 days prior and told I could not have contact with her or my 2 sons. I went to court 10 days later and the charges DV charges were dropped but, the restraining order remained in place. I have to pay all the bills and she is responsible for paing for food and gas but, she went out and had surgery done on her feet so she could not go back to work for 6 months! Then when we went to court, her lawyer painted me as being a bad parent because I made it where she had to go to food banks to feed our children! But, I produced a spreadsheet and accompanying reciepts showing where I had provided money, food and gas in excess of $3000.00 for her since our seperation but, the judge did not seem to care. I left court feeling like i was a criminal and my sons will always think so because the wife has convinced them that I am a real bad person.

It makes life worthless to be forced into such a position and not be able to find justice.


i totally agree.

It seems like in my neck of the woods, if you are male, you are guilty, female, innocent… It sucks…

Generally a judge will revisit an issue when you are harmed as a result of your attorney’s mistake on scheduling.

Good luck.

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Posted - 10/05/2006 : 22:28:08

My wife…soon to be ex, served a 50-B on me just to get me out of the house. July 3, 2005 she sat on my lap in our computer room telling me she loved me. Everything was wonderful in our marriage, or so I thought. Monday the 4th, she told me she no longer wanted to be married and it was time for me to go. I stated to her “I was going nowhere, whatever the trouble she thought we had, we could work through it.” Well, she left for a few days and stayed w/ her brother, but had me served on the 8th of July with a 50-B. I in no way would ever harm her or even threaten her. But she somehow got the order. So I had to leave. Now, court day comes, and my attorney screws up on the court date. So I had to deal with not only having this against me, but nowhere to call home now.
Then 3 months later she claims I was calling her at work, breaking the 50-B. NOT SO. I had all the proof needed showing I couldn’t have even known her whereabouts. I was far out of town. But again, court date comes, and she drops it. NOW IT’S ON MY RECORD FOREVER! I DID NOTHING! I feel my attorney is primarily at fault for not seeing this end 10 days after me being served.