7 years later.. can I be legally forced to move?

We have shared 50/50 custody, and co-parent.

He remarried, and he moved into her house in a suburb North of town, and I live in a suburb South of town. I have not left the neighborhood my ex and I chose, and the schools that we chose for our children as a couple. Well, now that High School is around the corner, he dislikes the HS in my area, and is insisting that I move. This would require me having to leave a job that I not only love, and have so much pride in, but have flourished in as well. I decided that I would have a talk with my children and see how they felt about leaving all their friends, and they want to move. They have been totally brainwashed that this school in my area is so bad… even though its going to be full of the same children then have gone to school with since kindergarten. (btw it is not a bad school… if you look at score comparisons between the two schools with EOG’s ect. it scores 7/10 while his school scores 8/10. My children have also flourished in these schools in my area. One is a straight A student, and the other is in all honors classes.

I feel very trapped now… because if he would legally try to get the girls to that school, I feel that I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Because, my children believe every word that comes out of his mouth, and want to move.

Am I able to even fight this and stand up for myself? Seven years later and I still cannot live my life free from an abusive controlling ex-husband.

If you have 50/50 why would it require you move? Kids have to travel across to down to one parent now, it would be the same. If you don’t agree and it goes to a judge or mediator I would think they may side with husband… kids want to go + better school.