A legal binding agreement


If I had an agreement made stating that the spouse would not sue me at all for anything, if the other spouse went to one marriage counseling session with them and he/she signed it, is it a legal binding agreement that would stand up in a court of law? The only reason I am asking is that the document is not specific about suing for AA or CC, it just states that if there is a lawsuit pending it would be dropped and that a new one would not be filed against me. It is a notarized agreement.


No. Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation are 3 party actions, meaning your spouse would sue your new romantic partner, not you.


I am the person he is dating. The agreement states that she will drop any current lawsuits and not bring up any more new ones if he went to one marriage counseling session with her. He went and now she is still threatening to sue me for AA and CC. Is it a legal agreement that will stand up in a court of law and protect me from any lawsuits? It is not specific in mentioning what type of lawsuits, it just states any lawsuits. She is also saying that she was forced and coersed into signing. She went by herself and to the place of her choice to have the aggrement notarized. Would it stand up in a court of law? Is it enough to protect me?


The agreement refers to any suits she has against him, not third parties. In any event, if he went to marriage counseling, he theoretically had the intention to save the marriage and the agreement is not valid as it was not made pursuant to separation.