I know your hurt but you want to sue in NC courts for something that happened in a foreign country? There is no way that should be allowed it would be like letting a NC State Trooper write you a speeding ticket for doing 75 mph which is illegal in NC while you were driving on an Italian highway where the speedlimit is 100mph. I am not saying this guy is not a slime ball for going after married women just that I dont think you can get him for AA in NC for actions that happened out of the state.

Now Italy may have a similar law have you looked into that?


He is currently living in the states and the adultary continues. Can i serve him with court papers while he is in NC.

Matthew P. Cohen

Dear matteo009:

Greetings. Which state is he in? If he is in NC, then yes. If not, then probably not. Thank you.

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Can you sue an Italian for Alienation Of Affection. He is in the states right now with my wife. I’m in the military. We were stationed here in Italy. She ran off with him while I was deployed. Now my son tells me that they are looking for a house. Please help!!
This is the second American marriage this man has ruined. I want him to think the next time he decides to do this.

Matthew P. Cohen