Criminal Conversation - Alienation of Affection


Hi Almost Bitter
I think you are there about the bitterness and you should but I hope that he is not living with you. I am going though it myself but the same state and she is out of the house. Working on the big Day and I can not wait.
Now She lives here in NC yes have you can file for it and I hope you can get everything you can from that piece of S!@# just like mine yes I am suing too.
Look into the laws a bit this site will help you a lot trust me I love it. I am very sorry that you are going though this know should have to go though this it is not right for the one to do that to the other jsut like mine she is a loser and a loser is a cheat once a cheat all was cheat how can they eveh look at them selfs mine is losing everything becuase of this and I hate to say but she is getting everything that is coming to her maybe even jail time and oh boy I hope so, sad to say and sorry to say this it is a mean world out there
Hope this helped you out alittle
Unitl good luck and I hope you get everything
Bye for now


Hi ArthurP…Thanks for the input. To answer your question…yes, he and I still live together with our 2 young children (ages 11 and 8) and they too know everything thats going on. The most hurting part of this whole ordeal is the fact that we moved to Md. in May; this began in uly!! I am here in a new town, where I have no family or friends so other than my children, I have no one here. I am originally from NJ; moving back is not an option since I secured a job with the Gov. about 3 months after getting here. I am very unfamiliar with the town/area…Most of the time, I am sitting at home living this nightmare.

I will be filing for divorce within the next 2-3 months due to not having sufficient info on Attorney’s, etc. I only wish I could use this firm to file but this is all so foreign to me that I don’t even know if I can use an attorney thats not in the same State. UGH!! Talking about frustrated!!



Dear Almost Bitter:

Greetings. You could file a claim in Wake County, North Carolina against the woman that is committing adultery with your husband. We could help you with that if you wish. Thank you.

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My question is this: can a North Carolina huband file suit for alienation of affection if they have been separated for 5 months (which had nothing to do with me) and I live in New York and only see the lady on weekends in New York.


Larry, she is a NC resident and is commiting adultry it does not matter to NC courts that it occurs in NY. as for AA if you knew her while she was still living with the husband(even casually) then he could make a claim against you. If you did not know her while she lived with her husband he can still make a claim it will just be very hard for him to prove. BUT not impossible he may claim that they were working out their problems but then you met his wife and that process broke down because of you.

Simple rule do not date married or even seperated people who live in NC — EVER.



Hello…I have a question that I hope can be answered through this forum. I am a resident of Maryland and my husband is currently having an affair with a woman who resides in Raleigh, NC. After viewing information on your website, I have a question.

Would I need to be a resident of Maryland to file a claim under NCGS section 1-52(5) (Criminal Conversation - Alienation of Affection) or is it the person that I would like to file the complaint against that has to be a resident of North Carolina? The act is actually being committed in North Carolina and the only thing thats actually ouittside of NC is me!! My husband is a resdient of Maryland but does not hesitate to make weekend trips there. Please advise so that I may pay the consultation fee. Thanks.