Abandonment/Alein. of affection and property

I is me again. I forgot to add that I have pictures of his new girlfriend and him taken by a friend of his and emailed to me. I also have a $792.00 cell phone bill that has her phone number all over it. She admitted that she was sleeping with him and my daughter heard our conversation. He is telling me that I can not prove adultrey. What to do. Is that enough to prove adultrey and is it worth my time to go to court?

I have read that some of you have gone on line and retrieved forms for yourselves. Where do you find these forms? I would love to have access to them. I would also like to know how to get subpeona’s. Any help would be nice.

I received a phone call from my husband telling me that we were separated. I found out that he had another woman on his truck with him and was on the truck with him before I received the call. I received a phone call from the new girlfriend telling me she was sorry but he told her he was already divorced. That did not matter, because when she found out he was still married she did not get out of his truck and leave him. Do I have a chance in court fro Aleination of Affection/criminal conversation or abandonment? He has also been given two deadlines to pick up his belongings and has driven by this house twice without stopping. What can I do and do I have to keep his things until he feels the need to come and get them.