DON’T YOU LEAVE THAT HOUSE and don’t let her take the kids away’ you think she has hurt you financially now, if you leave without the kids you will be bankrupt. If you love you children then stay and let her leave, I have your exact situation, I’m make about $60k and she makes about$21k, but she left and left the child with me along with all the bills, but when you go to court it show what kind of father you are and what kind of mother she is. We men are always the one to leave trying to avoid the drama but that actually hurts us in court because it seems like we left with no intentions on taking care of our kids and all we want is freedom to party so don’t you leave that house because if you do you will just be another man that walked out on his family.(thats how the courts see it)


I have tried making my marrige work and my wife has nearly ruined me financially. I want out and was asking what to do if she refused to sign a separation agreement. If I up and leave (even though she has said she didnt care if we stayed together or not)…can she get for abandonment. I would agree to pay Child support according to the guidelines and she works also…but I am the mjor providor in the household