Adultery and alimony

More than likely it will. If either party has committed adultery that party is not awarded alimony. There is a place on this website that explains it all in detail. Good luck, find emotional support from someone you trust and retain legal counsel I did not and have lived to regret it.

From what I understand, if you stayed together after the affairs, then it is considered as condoning the relationships (meaning you both know it happened but were willing to overlook them) and does not have as much of an affect on alimony. If you were divorcing due to a recent adultery, then, yes, alimony would not be awarded. Since yours happened so long ago, it may not have a huge effect on alimony. I wouldn’t give up on getting it and speak with a lawyer.

Dear teachkind1:

Greetings. No, since both you and your husband’s affairs were condonned (forgiven) they should not have any bearing on the alimony issue. Thank you.

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My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have three children. About 8 years ago I had an affair with another man due largely in part to my husband’s lack of emotional attachment and years of verbal and mental abuse. He found out about the affair but we reconciled and remained married. I have not strayed since and realized my past indiscretion was due to depression. About three years ago my husband had a short fling of his own but he ended it and we still stayed together. Recently he decided that he wants a divorce and consulted a lawyer. My question is: Will my past affair have any bearing on whether or not I can receive alimony? Thank you for your help.