Dear cap37:

Greetings. First, I had to look up “Trichomoniasis” as I had not heard of that before. Here is what I found to be the definition on

“Trichomonas vaginalis is a microscopic organism that causes the disease trichomoniasis”

Apperently, it is only transmitted through sexual contact. Also, it appears from the information on that website that someone can have this and not know it, as not everyone has symptoms.

So, my answer is that along with other evidence, this will help you prove that she was unfaithful to you, but she could have had this disease before she met you even, and only been diagnosed during the marriage. Best of luck…and be safe!

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I am seperated but without a separation agreement. I am about to be sued for alimony. It is my understanding that in North Carolina;if one spouse participated in acts of illicit sexual behaviors during and prior to the seperation. The court shall not award alimony as defined in G.S. 50-16.1A.
My spouse contracted “Trichomoniasis” during our marriage.She was tested and confirmed.Our family doctor had me to come in for testing.My result was negative however we both were treated.
My question is can I use this as evidence of illicit sexual behavior.