Adultry and Marital assets

From what I can tell there is nothing in the laws on marital property distribution that pertains to a uneven distribution due to infidelity. From what I have read, the laws state that each party is entitled to 1/2 the marital assets unless it is considered separate property.
It may have some affect on the separation agreement and it may affect the amount of items from the home that the “injured” party feel they are entitled to. The other spouse may feel since they were unfaithful they should get less of the marital assets. It may also have an affect on child custody. NC is a no fault state so with the exception of alimony, I don’t think that infidelity has an affect on any aspect of separation or divorce. I could be wrong so hopefully as attorney will respond.

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Greetings. You are not liable for alimony simple because of infidelity - there must be a difference in income first where you are the supporting spouse. Everything else that is marital is split equally, although it must be marital first. The adultery does not generally affect equitable distribution. The adultery did not change the 50-50 division of the marital property. Thank you.

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I have a question or 2. I am separated due to infidelity (no hissing please). I know I am liable now for alimony-I accept that. What about the rest of the assets. We have a nice home and nice furnishings. Our retirement accounts are an issue too…hers is twice the amount as mine. About the house. There is a second mortgage on it and she will not be able to afford the house on her own. In order to keep my credit up, am I liable for partial bills and such until whenever? Can I ask that the house be sold? We also have some property in the mix. Is that to be divided? I just wondered if the ‘adultry’ aspect took me out of marital property division.