Advice needed to understand rental laws in nc


If the rental property is in his wife’s name it won’t be included for child support calculation. If you feel that he put it in her name to avoid paying more child support you will have to be able to prove it in court. As far as I know the new wife’s earned income is not used to calculate child support, and it doesn’t matter how they file taxes.


Sorry for this but I can not take no longer you get CS? Hope you do I do not, I pay most of the childrens things that they need the STBX will not and the children know this she tells them all the time until its kiss butt time when she messes up. You have CS and looks like you want more is he not supporting the child/children?
Are you being right about this looks like you just want more MONEY like my STBX this is not right for him he is paying you CS that is for the child/children not for you, lets look at that one and now you want more? Come on now greed is good but not to the point where it takes over your life.
I do not know all but be happy if this is what life is about (MONEY) then we have a big problem here sorry but this is the truth.
I never look and ask my STBX for any money or support she will never do it she just looks at the children and say I can’t do this for you BUT she can go on a trip with her boyfriend?
Who is right on this one?? We as adults need to wake up, ok the EX is doing better then me now its time for me to step in and try to get more for the kids get REAL do you think this is right?? If so why don’t you give primary care to him looks like he can take care of the child/children better then you. Again all about MONEY right!!Only the truth right sad to say this what makes the world go around?
Love what makes the world go around not money I wish I could have my children as primary care and I would not even take child suppport not want child support frm her, thats how I am if she wants to give then ok but I will not ask for it from her, again its an adult thing.
Bye for now


ARTHURP~ I respect your comments. My mother didn’t get a dime from my dad, other then he bought me a used car when I turned 16.
Everyone case if different and some people may have there on personal views on post.
I’m looking for advice on NC laws.
In my case the house that they bought when they where married was deeded to both of them. They bought a new house and are using the old house as rental and the deed went into her name when they moved out. The new house is deeded in both of there names like most folks when you by a house. Also, after they have been married they have bought two other houses that are rentals that are deed only in her name. I feel like they have did all of this to not show income in his
name. I would like to find out any laws that may concern this.


Any one that may have some help on this?


There is NOTHING you can do about it if its in her name REGARDLESS, the courts will not consider it if in her name. Even if it were in his name all they will do is look at tax retruns to see any profit, which will be grossly understated due to depreciation abilities and writeoffs, EVEN THOUGH child support guidlines state the courts should look very closely at rental income. I have tried this with TWO seperate judges and both disregarded it as a waste of their time. Unless they have a child together AND she is making tons of money (not just a few thousand)off her rental then her income will not be considered even if he is benefiting from it. Unless you can prove that he has placed them in her name to fraud child support your waging a losing battle. Placing the properties in her name and her depositing the money into a joint chking acct is not fraud. Maybe they placed the properties in her name only because his credit was no good. Leave it alone, move forward.



I’m looking for information that can help me understand earn income from rental house that my ex has in his wifes name. In NC is the houses 1/2 his even if her name is on the deeds? If so, does that mean the rent that they get is earned income. How do I find out how they file there taxes? I fill like they are hidding income from his name so he doesn’t have to show it for child support.
Thanks for any help.