Affidavit - Military Service - SCRA

How do I fill this out? I was pretty surprised, when filing for divorce, the clerk told me I needed to do this as I hadn’t seen it mentioned in any of the Rosen D-I-Y Divorce kit.

My ex doesn’t work at all, and only leaves the house to cash my alimony checks. Do I just say this? Or am I supposed to do the military database searches that are listed on the affidavit? It asks me to provide a list of facts? What kind of facts?

Thank you!


I apologize that the SCRA form was not included in our DIY materials, this is a new requirement that was introduced in the last month or so. As of yet the form isn’t available on the NC Courts website, but you can get it from the clerk. We are in the process of updating our materials to reflect this new requirement.

The form is simply an affidavit that states that your spouse is not a member of the armed forces and you need to attach a copy of your search conducted on the Department of Defense website that shows your spouse is not an active service member.